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Security. Value. Peace Of Mind.

Cutter Financial Group, LLC engages high quality, independent wealth managers who specialize in significantly reducing risk during times of volatility.  Cutter Financial’s core belief is that if you manage the downside, the upside takes care of itself. This strategy allows our clients to secure a better, and worry-free financial future. We will continue to provide you only with the best solutions for a low risk, low volatility portfolio, so you can sleep at night.

We strive to offer financial solutions that can help you understand and to manage risk while growing and protecting your retirement and investable assets. Cutter Financial Group’s philosophy is preservation of wealth, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of wealth planning. We provide our clients a clear road map as to how to achieve their individual financial goals.

We provide a Money Management System; we are not product driven. Jeffrey is a CPA, PFS and an Investment Advisor Representative, meaning that he must put your interests first. We are dedicated to operate on a different standard, a fiduciary standard, requiring us to always put your needs first.

By Law, a Licensed Fiduciary, must do what is in your best interest, ALWAYS!

Brokers vs. Fiduciaries

We focus on the pre-retirement, retirement, and conservative investors who desire to have a safe and secure investment and retirement portfolio. We help you protect and grow your hard earned savings through Low Volatility, Low Risk, Successful management solutions.

We have taught you, our clients, that since 1900 the United States has had about 22 recessions, one every 5-6 years or so.*  We are living longer than ever. So, retirees could spend 25+ years in retirement. This means you could have 4-5 significant market corrections just during your retirement. Can you and your portfolio afford that? It’s a scary thought; how many -40% years can your portfolio survive before it runs out of money? None! We have taught our retirees, pre-retirees and conservative investors how not to jeopardize their future.  You must not go backwards.  You have seeked a better method and reached a higher standard.  You have achieved better through low risk, low volatility and now a peace of mind.

We’ve gone through radical changes and have realized that the classic brokerage model of “buy and hold” simply does not work. We’ve implemented new strategies to give you Low Volatility and Low Risk with very competitive returns.  This gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Through our Money Management System we showed our pre-retirees and retirees how not to go backwards over 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years. We cannot predict the future, but we are very comfortable that our private wealth managers understand your individual needs and goals.  We have formed lasting relationships with you so that we can continue to provide a high level of service as your needs change through your pre-retirement and retirement years.

We ask all potential clients the following questions:

  1. Can you afford to go through another Great Recession or a Financial Crisis?
  2. Can you afford another lost decade of no growth, loss savings, high volatility and high risk?
  3. Are you constantly just gaining back lost money? Are you just recapturing old and not earning new money?
  4. If you are a conservative investor, how do you sleep?
  5. If you are pre-retired, will you ever retire if you keep losing?
  6. If you are retired, how long will it take before you run out of money if you keep going backwards? Wouldn’t you be winning by not losing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our clients will tell you that is unacceptable.  That is not the standard you deserve.  You deserve better.  Our solutions allow you to have a low volatility, low risk, successful managed portfolio, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
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