Social Security Planning

When to elect Social Security may be the most important decision a couple makes about their retirement. In fact, the difference between the best and worst Social Security election decision is often $20,000, $30,000, even up to $100,000 in lifetime benefits. This is critical when you consider how important Social Security income is to the average retired couple. Social Security benefits in 2008 accounted for on average 64.8% of total income for recipient households with someone aged 65 or older, according to a SSA report, Income of the Population 55 or Older, released in 2008.* Social Security is the hard earned money you have paid into the system over many, many years. Why would you not want to get it back in the most advantageous way, for your situation, during your life after work!

The only way to truly plan for the Optimal Social Security Strategy is to merge an advanced Social Security Timing Software, which evaluates all 81 election age combinations across 9 different election strategies and finds the highest lifetime benefit, with Medical Underwriting to determine longevity. Jeffrey Cutter, CPA/PFS  and Cutter Financial Group, LLC are able to provide this planning after going through advanced training with Social Security Timing Specialists, and with the Advanced Income Specialists with the Annexus Group Income Inc.

Jeffrey Cutter, CPA/PFS is a proud to be a member of the Annexus Elite Advisor Group.

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* SSA – Income of the Population 55 or older, 2008

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