Retirement Planning

What do you think of, when you think about retirement?  Do you think about going some place warm for the winter, owning a beach house, visiting family and friends, or traveling the world.  Retirement is meant to be the best years of your life.  But, you need to plan for it.  Fewer companies are offering pension plans and there is a lot of uncertainty about the reliability of Social Security, therefore, it is more important than ever to save and plan for your own retirement.

Since 1900 the United States has had 22 recessions, one about every 5-6 years.*  Seniors today are living longer than ever.  So, retirees could spend 25+ years in retirement.  This means you could have 4-5 significant market corrections.  Can you and your portfolio afford that?  It’s a scary thought; how many -40% years can your portfolio survive before it runs out of money?  None!  Today’s retirees and pre-retirees cannot jeopardize their future.  You deserve more.

Capital Preservation is the starting point to any successful retirement in the distribution phase, once a person retires.  And once in the distribution phase, you cannot afford to go backwards.  One bad move and a retiree or a pre-retiree is in trouble.

Through our Money Management System we show pre-retirees, retirees, and conservative investors how to not go backwards over 5, 10, 15, 20 years.  Wouldn’t you be winning by not losing?

We provide a Money Management System; we are not product driven.  Jeffrey is a CPA/PFS and an Investment Advisor Representative, meaning that he must put your interests first.

We will advise you on your options contained with in your employers retirement plan.  We will also calculate and analyze which pension options are best for you and your family.  Jeffrey is an Ed Slott Elite Advisor (  Elite Advisors are not your average Financial Advisors.   Folks think that if they are with a big broker, a big bank, or a Mutual Fund company, their advisor is up to speed with all the changing information coming into play.  This is not always the case.

“Since IRAs were first established, the only thing most advisors and investors have worried about is how to get money into them.  Now, with baby boomers entering their retirement years, and once-secure pensions disappearing, investors will have to change their focus.  The real issue now is how to get money out of their IRAs correctly without losing an undue amount to taxes or penalties,” Mr. Slott said.  “There are very few advisors that even know what to look for,” says Slott.*

Jeffrey Cutter who is a Board Certified, CPA and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) and part of The Elite IRA Advisor Group not only knows what to look for, he knows what to do.

Call 508-388-7175 so we can help you design a low risk, low volatility, successful investment portfolio for your peace of mind or click here to schedule a no obligation initial consultation with Jeffrey Cutter, CPA/PFS. We know you deserve more.

* Ed Slott Press Release

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