Insurance Planning

All serious financial plans should consider the needs and benefits of insurance.  Insurance is important because you have worked hard to build a solid financial foundation for you and your family, so it is now the time to protect it.

We will advise you as to which type of policy is best for you, how much insurance you really need, and the right company that you’re your needs. We will also take into consideration the structure of ownership on your policies to avoid estate taxes.  If you already have insurance policies in place, we can perform an independent evaluation of your coverage.  There is a fine line between the right amount of insurance coverage and being over-insured.  The extra dollars can be working hard for you elsewhere.

Call 508-388-7175 so we can help you design a low risk, low volatility, successful investment portfolio for your peace of mind or click here to schedule a no obligation initial consultation with Jeffrey Cutter, CPA, PFS.


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