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We are dedicated to our client’s needs and growing their hard earned savings.
Our priority is to help you protect the things that are most important to you.

Welcome to Cutter Financial Group, LLC

Cutter Financial Group, LLC, a family owned and operated company, was founded by retirement and investment specialists. We engage high quality, independent wealth managers who specialize in significantly reducing risk during times of volatility, while capturing a large majority of the gains of the upside. This strategy allows our clients to secure a better, and worry-free, retirement. We hope you enjoy our website, and look forward to hearing from you!

Security. Value. Peace of Mind.

Providing Low Volatility, Low Risk Investment Management Solutions

You Don't Have To Lose In Order To Gain

Who We Are

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In 2002, with a passion to help others with both tactical and strategic financial planning, Jeffrey Cutter, CPA, PFS opened Cutter Financial Group, LLC in Mansfield, MA. Seeing the significant need to help the pre-retirement, retirement and conservative communities on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, Jeffrey opened the Falmouth, MA office in 2009.

Our Mission Statement

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We strive to offer financial solutions that can help you to manage risk while growing and protecting your retirement assets. Cutter Financial Group’s philosophy is preservation of wealth, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of wealth planning. We provide our clients a clear road map as to how to achieve their individual financial goals.

How We Can Help

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As retirement and investment specialists, we focus on creating value, security, and peace of mind for our clients and their families. Within our specialties we focus on protecting our client’s life savings from market volatility, creating family legacies, income tax reduction, and income planning that helps ensure you will not run out of money in retirement.